About Me

I grew up in Davis, California, with my parents, two siblings, and two dogs. I enjoyed swimming, water polo, and entering baking contests in the California State Fair. At first, I thought I wanted to be a professional chef, but after Ann Moriarty's Biotechnology class at Davis Senior High School and an internship in Richard Michelmore's lab at UC Davis, I realized my impact on the global food supply could be much more far reaching as a scientist.

I attended Vanderbilt University for my undergraduate degree, where I studied Molecular and Cellular Biology. I played club sports, volunteered with Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science and Alternative Spring Break, and further developed my passion for science working in Antonis Rokas' Lab.

In Fall of 2018, I started my PhD in Plant Biology at UC Riverside. After rotations, I chose to join Julia Bailey-Serres' Lab, where I am studying rice resilience to abiotic stresses using computational and molecular biology methods.